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Asian Institute Technology in Vietnam and Tra Vinh University sign a MoU

(TVU) - The formal meeting between Tra Vinh University and Asian Institute Technology in Vietnam (AITVN) took place on February 21, 2017 for signing a Memorandum of Understanding to co-operate Master training program on climate change adaption.

The Vice Rector expressed his gratitude to AITVN for cooperating and supporting TVU in the field of human resource training and boosting the bilateral cooperative relation between the two organizations.

In the meeting, TVU and AITVN took counsel and contributed their opinions together about the contents of the Master program on climate change adaption presented by Dr. William Swieczek, AITVN Director. The aim of the program was to tackle the issues that the provinces in Mekong Delta were confronting, especially climate change effects to water, farming activities, and drought. 

Dr. William Swieczek emphasized that AITVN will continue to assist TVU during the implementation of this program and offer full scholarships to TVU learners in Asian Institute Technology in Thailand.

In this interaction, TVU lecturers delivered presentations including “Influence of saline intrusion to agricultural products at Tra Vinh” and “Producing Spriulia algae from the waste water”.

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