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Opportunities and challenges of the current form of online training (E-Learning)

The current 4.0 technology revolution is being seen as an opportunity to boost work productivity based on the proliferation of technology. Education and training including online training are one of the areas which are affected by this technological revolution. In addition to development opportunities, online training will encounter many difficulties and challenges, especially when this type of training is increasingly concerned and recognized by society.


Online training for a long time has matched the needs of training human resources for the country’s industrialization and modernization and the people’s learning needs. Today, under the influence of information technology, the education and training of Vietnam have been absorbed advanced elements, which leads to creating many advantages for online training such as creating good learning conditions for everyone, anytime, anywhere, and increasing the initiative of the learner. In terms of time, it helps to reduce the travel time of learners. Students can watch lectures and practice in appropriate time option. In term of geography, learners can take courses at home, at the office and so on via the Internet and assistive devices without having to go to the classroom. This helps learners reduce travel costs and training time. In terms of learning, learners easily update the lesson content and can learn at their own pace. Moreover, learners can participate in forums or debate online, and communicate with lecturers and other learners.
Although online training is assessed to have many advantages and the pace of development is quite fast, but there are still certain challenges. First, online education systems require large databases, network security, high-speed transmission lines, professional operating support teams, financial resources, and equipped technology and facilities. Especially, the awareness and learning skills of learners do not meet and access to the development of this type of training.
Entering the stage of knowledge economy - the 4.0 technology revolution, online training has become an indispensable development trend of countries around the world, including Vietnam. Tra Vinh University, one of the schools that have quickly caught up to this trend, has made great strides in recent years.
With the motto "bringing quality learning opportunities to the community", Tra Vinh University actively prepares from materials, facilities, human resources to state-of-the-art equipment to run the online learning system for all subjects and occupations (except for some specific occupations). This gradually shortens the distance between teachers and learners.
In addition, the University has gradually overcome, supplemented, and updated knowledge into the online learning system. Textbooks, teaching materials, research documents, and lecture videos are diversified and digitized. Thus, all data of the school system creates a large database and is ready to meet the learning needs of learners. Currently, the University has been implementing online training entirely in the fields of Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Economics (Economic Management). Up to the present, the online training form of the school has become a learning model that attracts a large number of learners, especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and the eastern and southwestern provinces of Vietnam with broad targets from students to employees.
In addition, according to the Ministry of Education and Training, information technology will be applied to all educational levels in the new general education program from 2020 in order to renovate teaching methods, improve quality, and equip learners with all the tools and skills for the 4.0 technology revolution. At the same time, Tra Vinh University has equipped and upgraded step by step the infrastructure to help learners study and research, especially for those who study in remote areas with difficult conditions. This is a strong determination of the University and the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam. The desire is to create the most favorable conditions for learners, gradually overcome existing problems, and change learners' awareness so that this type of training can maximize its value on the domestic and foreign scales.

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